Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Dare to Dream

Have you ever looked around and thought to yourself,
The world is so big, and I am so small.
Can I even dream of making it better?
Can’t everyone dream?Is it possible to fix the world?
Can one small person make a difference?
One small person without a lot of money or power?
Have you ever heard of the butterfly effect?
Have you ever heard of the domino effect?
How about choose your own adventure?
What if I change one thing a day?
What if 10 people change one thing a day?

How about 100?  
Like a ripple effect.
If one different thing changes many outcomes, can one thing change the world?
If I change me, how many outcomes have I changed?
Can I dream of changing the world?
Is it my destiny?
Will I know if it works?
Change is hard, but I am strong!
And it is important! 

Change #1: Happy hour
Pick a time of day where you interact with the most people, or your most important people, (family) and for one hour, be happy no matter what.

There- that shouldn't be too hard.