Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Hidden Talents

Do you share your talents with your family?

We all have things we love to do and we do them well, but do we share them with our loved ones?

Do we sing and dance together?
I’m sure we thought we would.
Do we paint pictures and tell stories?
Do we bake cupcakes and plant vegetables?
Do we write poetry and build furniture?
Does a yoga instructor teach her children yoga?

We all have parts to us that are special and unique.  Many of us love doing these few precious things that make us so happy.

But, do we keep them to ourselves?  Are we afraid that if we do them too often or with too many people they won’t be special? 

Now let’s think without fear.  Who better to share the best parts of ourselves then our loves ones.  They might not love it or be as good at it as you are, but you are opening their eyes and minds to your heart.  They can’t help but see the beauty in that.  They in turn, will learn how to share what’s in their hearts as well.

Change #4:  Have a talent show with your friends or family.  In a fun and safe setting, open up to those closest to you and show each other what you are made of. 

Now that will definitely make the world a more beautiful place.

Friday, July 13, 2012


I have learned a few valuable lessons from my GPS.

Recalculating, and the very unemotional voice telling you one simple directive at a time, have taught me quite a few lessons. 

Recalculating; Finding out that you are going the wrong direction, and calmly adjusting.  Or realizing the path has changed and calmly adjusting.

 Most of us make plans in our lives, and quite often life makes other plans.  It is not completely unnatural to have a hard time with this, yet we likely have the same reactions day after day, year after year.

When we realize that things have changed, how do we adjust?  Do we focus on the burden this has put on us?  Contemplate how unfair this all is?  It is acceptable for a toddler to have an absolute fit, not so much for a 30 something year old woman.  For those of us who tend to become unnerved….

…Enter lesson number two.  When you have been caught off guard, put one foot in front of the other and keep going.  Make a right turn in 2.6 miles, continue straight for the next 8 minutes. 

We can cry, get angry or simply freeze in fear, or we can just breathe and put one foot in front of the other and keep going until we have found our footing once again.

How we deal with the unexpected says a lot about us.  The more people we have in our lives, the more unexpected is in our lives too.

So we recalculate and find our new direction.

And here is a bonus lesson (also from the GPS). 

It only works if you have a destination.  Make your plans, enjoy the journey, and when things change, change with it.

Change #3:  On a daily or weekly basis, as the unexpected arises, breathe through it and recalculate.  If a new direction doesn't become clear, put one foot in front of the next until it does.  

Thursday, July 5, 2012

New Beginnings

There is something about new beginnings that is very exciting.
They motivate us to try harder – do better – and have a better attitude.
At least in the beginning.

Can we convince ourselves every day that “Today is a new beginning”?
Will that get old quickly?
Does it matter?
Can every day, where we do the exact same thing, be different?
Do we hold off doing things until a new beginning?

My new diet starts next week.
For my New Years resolution I will do… But I’m waiting until New Years.
Next month I will get my finances in order.
Spring cleaning will have to wait until spring.
When the kids start school, I will take better care of myself.

What if today, as in right now, is next week, next month, New Years, and spring?

The worst thing that could happen is you’ve gotten something done. Wouldn't that feel awesome?

Change #2: Pick a day, any day, once a week or twice a month, and make that your New Years resolution day, and make your own new beginnings.