Friday, November 27, 2015

Thank G-d For The Lighthouse

There is a stormy sea of negativity out there that is so easy to get swept up in. Wherever you look it is raging. The sea is churning with hate and lies and is red from blood. It continues to grow stronger and stronger like a storm from hell. Then you see the Jewish nation. Who rise like lions above the sea, they sing and dance with their broken hearts and their smiles shining with the light of G-d. Defiant in the face of our enemies, forging ahead until the sea will split. The one beacon of truth and light in the world. The one nation that cries for those we have never met and dances together at the weddings of orphans. This is the army of G-d. We defend His honor vigorously despite how unpopular it has become.  We insist on living magnificently although that seems to bother many. We are the lighthouse available to all who look to find light. 

I find myself drawn to people who are so brave that they seem to singlehandedly inspire thousands. Who kill a terrorist while there is a knife in their heart. Who understand our collective pain as a nation and despite their own pain, invite the entire country to their wedding. And at the wedding? They shine with light and love and joy, although their hearts are shattered. To the people who give generously to their families to survive. It fills my heart with hope for tomorrow and my eyes with tears of gratefulness. What a holy nation. 

This Thanksgiving I have so much to be thankful and grateful for. I am a proud member of G-d's army, fighting daily to bring light, love, and joy into this world. I am grateful for this country that gives me that freedom and pray that this freedom remains strong forever. I am so grateful to our family and friends that shower us with their love, their time, and their energy. I am grateful for my beautiful husband Yitzi. He is my rock and my best friend. He has taught me how to live the best way possible, and encourages me to be courageous. My heart and soul are connected to his forever. I am grateful for my children who are so remarkable and kind and funny.   I am grateful to our nurses who take good care of Yitzi. I am grateful for music that heals my broken heart and wonderful people who bring it into my home. I am grateful that every so often I can be brave and help others thru their pain as well. But mostly, I am grateful to G-d, who loves us and gives us purpose and promises a better future.