Sunday, April 14, 2013

My letter to G-d

Dear G-D,

What could I write to You that You don't already know and see? How can I be so brazen as to think I can tell You something new? I cannot. What I can do is thank you and acknowledge what I have been blessed to be a part of.
Last week was my son Eli Chaim's Bar Mitzvah. We had many celebrations in many different locations and with many different people. I have never witnessed more kindness, love, joy, unity and faith as this past week. Some by friends, some by family, and some by strangers who are now friends and family – all by your children.
For whatever reason, You have chosen my husband and our family to be a magnet to bring people together. I can understand a small part of it. My husband has always been the happiest person I know, and that hasn't changed one bit. His joy and faith and love for all people has inspired many people and continues to do so. Our children, thanks to You, are remarkable. They are strong and trust in You that You will take care of all of us.
We feel a closeness to You that we have never felt before, and we are grateful that You let us know it in little messages that You are listening and watching over us. It is comforting knowing You are with us. Thousands of people have taken upon themselves to say extra prayers or do extra Mitzvos. The world is changing for the better. There is so much goodness and beauty all around. If I can see it from my little corner, I cannot begin to imagine what it must look like to You.
What I really want to thank You for is last week Sunday. As we sat in a beautiful winery celebrating our son reaching the age of being a responsible Jewish person, I saw a sea of beauty. The Rebbe's Army surrounding us, guarding us and giving us strength and love. I felt as if I am experiencing a taste of Moshiach. The brotherhood, love, joy, faith and hope was touchable. How blessed we are that you have showered your kindness and miracles on us.
I just have one question. What else are you waiting for if not this?

Your humble servant,
A Shlucha of the Rebbe,