Sunday, September 9, 2012

Return Again

Water is freshest at its source.

Fruits and vegetables have the most nutrients freshly cut.

Grains loose their nourishment qualities as we strip them of their texture and color.

Animal products have the most value the less processed they are.

Society is relearning these fundamentals of health and nutrition. G-d made perfect food for us. The more we mess with it, the less perfect it becomes, and in turn, so does our health.

If this is true about food, certainly it is true about our laws of morality, judicial systems, and proper conduct within humanity.

Can a person be whole (holistic) without considering the source of these lessons? Where does the idea of fixing the world come from? Where do we learn about fixing ourselves?

What else does it say?

What is my role in this process?
Is there a source to go back to?

Well then, certainly I should study that. At least as much as my nutritional bibles.

Then my heart and soul and mind can be as healthy as my body.

That is wholesome.

Change #5: Find a friend, teacher, spouse, or website that knows a little more then you, and get together a couple times a month. Focus on the 5 Books of Moses. This is where the source is.

L’Chaim! To life!