Friday, March 13, 2015

The light that lies beneath the pain

Over the last few thousand years perhaps our souls have become enclosed and desensitized and have a layer or two encrusting it. As we are shattered time and time again the light begins to shine through. It is a painful process, and one we would rather do without. Yet the light is beautiful and inspiring. It is a holy light, a glimpse at G-d. A hint to what we will all be. A force the nations of the world are afraid of. They see it too and are fighting it viciously. But this light will never be hidden again. It will only burn brighter and stronger. With every tear we shed, our light shines brighter. With every hug we give, we dispel more and more darkness. Throw down your walls, your barriers, your anger. Lift your eyes to the heavens and know from where your help is coming. They say Shabbos is a healer. By lighting the Shabbos candles we add to the light in a most majestic and positive way.  Add light, hug each other, cry with each other and cry for each other.
To all of us broken people of the world, have a beautiful Shabbos. May we all become whole again.