Sunday, February 22, 2015

The Song

Today I feel like the luckiest lady in the world. Last night we had a most amazing gathering in honor of my husband's birthday.  Among the many special things that happened, was the song. Years ago, after my youngest was born, I was bedridden for three years. It was a hard time for us and Yitzi wrote a beautiful song. Thankfully we have a recording of him singing it and playing guitar. Last night our "family" of yeshiva students together with 8th day, did the most beautiful rendition ever!  Why am I so lucky?  Three years ago, I had never met 90% of the special people we now know that so enhance our lives and bring us so much joy.  Yes, life is challenging, and yes it is hard. But we get to experience more beauty then most. The best part of the human experience takes place in my home at my husband's bedside.

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Happy Anniversary

19 years ago, on Tu B'shvat, Yitzi Hurwitz and I got married. It was a beautiful and special day. The feeling I had was, Now The world is complete and Moshiach can come.  Two souls finding each other and completing each other is it's own personal redemption. Imagine the magnification of that over millions of people and Hashem. If you don't feel that, how can you yearn for what you don't know exists?  Perhaps a silly feeling, but the two of us were going to make it our life mission to make sure that happens. We went on roller coasters and marry-go-rounds, and always landed right back on our path of bringing Moshiach. Sometimes it was us who got on the ride, and sometimes G-d put us on it. Often I came off tired and Yitzi came off laughing. "Oh how much Hashem loves us!" Clearly the path to Moshiach looks different then I thought, it is not just a mission forging on, it's wrapped in heartache and devastation, fear and anger, and always love. And yet here we are, still forging on. My one theory is that we have all gone crazy, my better theory is that we are holding the Rebbe's hand, picking up every broken flower on the way.  I don't know where we are going and how to get there, but we are holding the Rebbe's hand and he knows.