Thursday, July 5, 2012

New Beginnings

There is something about new beginnings that is very exciting.
They motivate us to try harder – do better – and have a better attitude.
At least in the beginning.

Can we convince ourselves every day that “Today is a new beginning”?
Will that get old quickly?
Does it matter?
Can every day, where we do the exact same thing, be different?
Do we hold off doing things until a new beginning?

My new diet starts next week.
For my New Years resolution I will do… But I’m waiting until New Years.
Next month I will get my finances in order.
Spring cleaning will have to wait until spring.
When the kids start school, I will take better care of myself.

What if today, as in right now, is next week, next month, New Years, and spring?

The worst thing that could happen is you’ve gotten something done. Wouldn't that feel awesome?

Change #2: Pick a day, any day, once a week or twice a month, and make that your New Years resolution day, and make your own new beginnings.


  1. My new beginning starts every day - what can I throw out? I am a certified collector that needs to get DE-certified! Every day is a challenge. Thanks, Dina, for the encouraging words here.

  2. Great post Dina!! Every day should be looked upon as a brand new opportunity to accomplish great things.