Sunday, March 10, 2013

What Happens When We Fall

10 years ago, I was in Israel for my sister's wedding. While I was there, I spent two weeks at the Dead Sea for a skin condition I have.

Walking into the Dead Sea, I am waiting for the magic. Nothing happens. I just keep walking as if it's a regular beach. All of a sudden, I lose my balance and begin to fall. At that very moment the miracle strikes. G-d catches me and I float, not just float, but couldn’t sink if I tried. The miracles G-d put in nature are are the most mind blowing. Air, earth and water that cure people of so many ailments. I remember thinking at that time that if all I leave here with is this lesson it would be enough. We think we are in control, and the minute we realize that we are not, G-d catches us.

Many years pass, and every once in a while I remember how incredible it felt to be caught, then forget again. Until now.

A month ago, my best friend, my rock, my husband was diagnosed with ALS. The illusion of control was lost completely. Our silly dreams of how much fun we would have once the kids are older turned into ice cold fears.

My husband the singer, storyteller, jokester, and generally the more talkative of the two of us could not speak clearly anymore. Everything changed in an instant. Priorities took on a completely different flavor. Dreams needed to be turned into reality. All of the “if onlys” had to happen now. Now is all we know.

Just as our family lost our footing we were caught by hundreds of brothers and sisters, many of whom we have never met. The love that we have been showered with at this time can only be described as G-d catching us and cradling us through His thousands of representatives on His beautiful earth.

As difficult as this time in our lives is, that is nothing compared to how beautiful it is. The amount of joy, love, support, and unity we have been privileged to experience makes me think I understand why G-d created this world. What good He felt His creations can accomplish, and for what? We've never done anything that comes close to deserving this, yet here it is.

We have been blessed (understatement) to find out who catches us when we fall. In other words, we cannot fall, there is a beautiful net of love surrounding us.

I truly think no change is necessary. You are perfect! But if you must... Please do one extra kind deed daily in the merit of my husband. Thank you, you must be making G-d so proud.


  1. This is really beautiful. You are both amazing people and we are humbled by your simcha and faith. May Hashem bring the blessings into your life you so deeply deserve. We love you guys - Robbie Tombosky

  2. May Hashem give you continued strength, sanity, and focus always.
    Your positive outlook is a true inspiration. G-d bless.
    Our hearts, prayers and mitzvos are with you always!
    Shterny Backman

  3. Your beautiful words are a comfort to us friends who feel helpless. We are always thinking of you and will continue to add mitzvos and daven for your family. May hashem grant you the continued strength and a immediate refuah! Much love - Alyson

  4. what is his name and his mother's name?

  5. We are thinking of your family and my dear chavrusa Yitzi. May we only hear good news.

    Yossi and Malkie Marrus -
    S. Antonio TX

  6. Beautifully written. May we continue to see openly Hashem's miracles, especially in the form of a complete Refuah Shelaima, and Moshiach Now.
    Ada Cunin

  7. Beautiful post. I have a chill down my spine and tears in my eyes. May we truly see Nisan as a month of miracles. Hope to see you guys soon.


  8. Miracles happen around us everyday, Look at the outpouring of support for your family during this time from the most unlikely areas. Keep in mind that ALS is not a death sentence, it's a handicap many people have lived very productive YEARS with ALS and continue to do so. Hashem has put a mountain in front of you and Rabbi. A mountain, that after knowing you the 12 years I've know you, is one that you will be able to climb with the help of Hashem and the ones that love you. It's a mountain you can't climb by yourself and it's a good thing you are not alone.


  9. Dina, thank you for this post. You are both such positive and beautiful people. Wishing you much strength and brachos always. Love you!
    Dov Ber and Devora Leah

  10. Thinking of you both! Only revealed brochos!!! Hinda Sosover

  11. my sweet, sweet friend.
    you always had a way that was refined, unearthly and graceful. through this blog you give expression to these traits and reprieve to people who mostly see the fall, and rarely the perfect catch. the day yitzy married you, he was caught by a net of compassion and you, by a net of his perfect love. may you always feel held, and may your dreams of future years become the sweetest of realities...
    much love to you both,

  12. Now that is mind blowing. You say Yitzy has been your rock, well this article, it will be a rock for many and for many years to come. One more thing. Your now is beautiful and powerful and great - and it is going to continue for many years to come because your miracle is just around the corner. Yitzy will be well. Omain.
    Lazer Gurkow

  13. Thank you for the meaningful and thought provoking post. I was inspired after reading your words. I cant imagine what you are feeling, but just know, you are not alone. Please keep posting. You are an inspiration to many. I know Hashem will give you the strength to get thru this.


  14. Dear Dina and Yitzy,
    You are an inspiration. Whoever reads this article, is in complete awe.
    We are davening every day that we should see Yitzy be healthy and strong.
    I honestly believe that Yitzy WILL BE HEALTHY and FINE IY"H very soon!
    Besuros Tovos and Chodesh Tov

  15. On this auspicious day, the Rosh Hashana of miracles, may Hashem grant your wonderful husband an even greater blessing than just being healed, may the two of you be even stronger and healthier than before this stepping stone (not stumbling block) appeared. May the two of you together merit to dance at your childrens, grandchildren's, and great grandchildren's weddings, and enjoy generations of true yiddishe chassidishe nachas.
    As I share your brother in law, Dovid's, birthday, I hope the merit of mazolo gover tonight bring the brocho into fruition in a physical manner in a recognizable and sweet manner.

  16. My Dear Sweet Dina,
    I've known you for so many years and we've seen each other go through so much, and I am so impressed that you are going through something like this with so much strength, grace and dignity. I will have you and Yitzi in my heart and prays at all times. I pray with all my heart that you find the answers.
    You have all my love,

  17. May Hasehm give both you and your kids strengths to overcome this challenge. Just as you have shown so many the meaning of true happiness you should be gifted with true happiness forever.
    Keep on smiling, your smile is priceless and uplifting.

    Your Cousins Yitzi & Faigy Berkowitz

  18. Dina,
    I had chills while reading this! Your family is beautiful and you know how much love I have for you all! You are truly an amazing woman. I have you and the family in my thoughts always.

  19. Thank you Dina for sharing with us from a hard place. You inspire so many ..... We continue to daven for you all. Rivkie (Rivkin) Borenstein

  20. You both are an inspiration to me. May Hashem bring complete healing now. Love to your whole family.