Friday, November 7, 2014

When Crazy is Normal

Just when you get used to the new normal, it changes. Now most of the time, Yitzi is in bed. (A very comfortable bed - may I say). We are beginning to use the Tobii communicator. It will take a while to be fluent in it, but it is amazing. With his eyes, he selects letters and words and the computer speaks them, and his face lights up when he can tell you how happy he is that you came to visit. Hopefully the blog will continue soon. The little kids climb into bed and snuggle with him while they practice their reading. The older kids learn and review for tests with him. It is a very different kind of life, not at all easy, but so beautiful. All we have is time to smell the roses. Time slows down in that room. Each word takes time and every sentence a few minutes. I do a lot of the talking, which believe it or not, is not my norm. I was always a better listener and Yitzi, a better speaker. Now he is the listener and I, the talker. I don't talk about politics or sports or what is happening in the world, because I want to keep it positive and I know nothing about sports. When I was thirty I learned that "The house that Ruth built" is not the Bais Hamikdosh. Imagine spending hours talking about good things, our children, and all the beauty around us.  It is not so easy.  All I need is his smile, and thank G-d, I get that a lot.  I do get to complain to him -thank G-d, because that comes naturally to me.  I almost think he enjoys that as well.
I don't wish this life on anyone, but I do wish you would take the time, and smell the roses. Love the smiles of your family, speak and listen, and take the time before it takes you.  Put what is important in your life on the front burner.  Fix your regrets, and forgive those who have wronged you.  Be full of love, hope, and joy as often as possible.  Allow your imperfections to be what they are, and not who you are.  Do not define yourself by your weaknesses and sad moments, you are so much more then that.  Acknowledge your pain and put it in its place.  Yet most of all, stare each other in the eyes and smile from your heart.

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  1. beautiful. you are an inspiration. please keep it coming!