Thursday, January 29, 2015

What does that even mean?

Today is such a heartbreaking day for the Chabad community. A vibrant young rabbi has suddenly been snatched from this world, leaving behind a beautiful wife and seven small children. His very lofty soul was called back home, and we are all left in shock and in pain. The ways of Hashem continue to baffle me. There are so many Torah verses to stick in here, but they don't relieve the loss.

There is something I want you to be sensitive to. Do not say-Hashem only gives us what we can handle. You are placing blame on the family by doing that. I know, you would have never thought of that. And you would never, G-d forbid, do something like that. It is natural for the family to search themselves to try and figure out the why. When you say that, you mean well I'm sure, yet what is heard is "If I was weaker my kids would have a father".
The second part is, what does that even mean?  We lived, despite the fact?  It didn't kill us?  I won't loose my mind just like I lost my heart?  However good your intentions may be, it is an awful thing to hear.
In this situation do not rationalize pain away. It is better to sit silently and cry together.