Monday, December 28, 2015

A Day in My Life

Today is turning into a most unusual day. My housekeeper quit but I can't be sure that it's for long term or this week. I really wish I understood Spanish. My 2-10 nurse quit and while they are looking for a new one, they probably won't find one this week. At least I know I won't be spending all my time doing laundry. This is all very inconvenient yet a blessing. My housekeeper has become very unreliable and doesn't do a great job. While I know it will be a pain in the neck to find and train someone new, I think we will be better off. The nurse was from the company we contract with, I have no idea if and when they find someone if they will be better, but I certainly hope so. My daughters went off to winter camp for a week so I have more time and less guilt and I love spending time with Yitzi. All in all, I've had too many coffees today and I can't wait to have more. Did I mention my Shalom came home from camp today? Finally someone who loves kisses as much as I do.  I think I'm going to order boots on Amazon and have them gift wrapped. That should do it. Anyone see my coffee?


  1. You're so funny. Talk to you later?? What kind of coffee an I'm bringing!? 😘

  2. Hi Dina,
    I'm from The CJC of Mission Viejo group that came to visit recently. I've been through housekeepers, care givers and employees in the last 30+nyears. I've always found someone better comes along. I haven't experienced your situation and I'll pray for just the right people to come soon to support you and your family. Your wonderful, honest sense of humor in the midst of everything is a life saving quality. Savor that delicious cup of coffee!

  3. People who serve us are not always as motivated to accomplish what you would have them do. They also have life needs, frustrations, and challenges, homes to clean, and relatives and friends with needs. I am grateful to all those who have helped us along the way. Dr John