Monday, December 8, 2014

I am with you

I will be your arms
I will be your legs
I will be your voice
I will be your entertainer
I will be your translator
I will be your link with the outside

You will be my heart
You will be my soul
You will be my best friend
You will be my strength
You will be my inspiration. 

And when you can
You will dance with me
You will sing with me
You will speak with me
You will eat with me
You will change the world with me

Until then
I wait with you
I dream with you
I pray with you

I am with you


  1. This poem is ethereally beautiful.

  2. THANK YOU. Straight to the heat.

  3. And I am with both of you Dini and Yitzi!
    In hope, thoughts, prayers...

  4. Your statements (and poems) are a continual source of inspiration. I love and pray for you both. Dr John

  5. You are an inspiration to the World, as you are to Me - Love You Both - Linda

  6. to write so beautifully through your pain...

  7. It is forbidden to add or subtract from the Holy Torah. But, I think Hashem would make an exception for this Holy love poem. For it is truly Holy.