Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Today is a very special day for me. 19 years ago Yitzi and I got engaged. It was the beginning of our very special journey together. I knew then I had found a Prince. Not just from the perspective of a starry eyed 21 year old.  It felt like we were continuing something that had started thousands of years before. I recognized something unique in Yitzi the first second I saw him. I had never seen someone so happy, so full of excitement and life. I feel the same way now, just a lot more tired. Little did I know the kids would all have his energy.
Our lives together have been extremely blessed, and may it continue to be so for many more years.
Today I want to Bless you, who have yet to find your Prince or Princess. You should know that Hashem has a special plan for you and a special person for you. We do not always see our pathways laid out nicely in front of us. That is because we are royalty, we are the children of the King. We are not the ones behind the scene planning and arranging, we just show up with our best self possible, and Hashem takes care of the rest.  Be your best self, and trust in Hashem to make the plans. May we all say L'chaim together soon, at your L'chaim and wedding.


  1. Dina,
    Your writing is even tired ( : Hashem has granted you and the Rabbi a unique and wonderful journey together.
    I have also had a journey. I finally found my perfect partner; although I had false starts. I was not always ready to see the hand of G_d guiding my way. It became apparent to me as I experienced
    some significant vicissitudes in life that I wasn't really "in Charge". Despite my inclination to orchestrate events I have rarely understood initially what the final result was to be. I do the "foot work" (tasks). I even make plans... However, the outcomes have always been in the unseen pervue of Hashem. This is true whether it was finding Linda, or choosing a sub specialty in Medicine to persue.
    I know pray, not for selfish things, but for a strong back to carry whatever load that G_d desire that I heft. What an odyssey. I am glad to have been by to witness yours.Dr John