Tuesday, October 13, 2015

My Soul Cries For Jerusalem

Listen carefully. Do you hear what I hear?  I hear the sounds of good people doing nothing. That's right, nothing. No outrage, no reporting, and no honesty.
When I was a child I had a reoccurring nightmare. I was screaming and nobody could hear me. I was waving people down and they couldn't see me. They were unaware of the terror I was experiencing and my cries were invisible.
Today we are living this nightmare. We are yelling from the rooftops and the world ignores us. How bad would it have to get to get your attention?  Raping women? Enslaving children? Or my personal favorite, sending your children to kill other children? Would you sit up then? Would you take notice? Would you get off your high horse of contempt? Would you sacrifice your fear of offending anyone and start saving lives? Would you venture out of you oblivious comfort bubble and see what a mess you have helped create?  Would you respect life and not color or religion. Would it be more convenient if we were an endangered species? What is your breaking point? When will it begin to bother you? When will you remember your younger self? The one that instinctively knew what was right and wrong. The one that would have done anything to make this world better. What happened? Did you get educated out of morality? Are you proud of yourselves? Do you realize what you are leaving to your children?  My hope is that they will be the opposite of you. Grow up with no hope for a better tomorrow and decide that that is not acceptable. Recognize the inherit right of people to live and that all those who would deny or destroy that right are just evil. Make a United Nations that is not just united in its hatred of Israel, and complicit in the slaughtering of hundreds of thousands, but one United in its goal of making this world safe and good.  

Footnote:  My blog is usually reserved for personal stories and thoughts on our struggle living with ALS. I thought a thousand times before posting something of this nature. I am a proud Jew living in America and I am scared. I wonder how we would get my husband to Israel if the threat to American Jewery would get more serious. I know I am not alone in my fears and worries. I have a son and daughter studying in Israel and like most of my fellow Jews, that is the home of my heart and soul. Given to us by G-d thousands of years ago, it is the Jewish homeland.  Today it is under constant attack and the silence is deafening. The condemnation is loud and clear. If I am silent because I am afraid of what you may say, I become the person I detest. The silent majority that allows all of this, and that would be unacceptable. If the truth offends you, you are not my intended reader, and who cares?Being offended is not the worst thing in the world. Being murdered is.  I write what I see and experience. I write the truths of our lives and for Jewish people,  this is the most important subject of our times. 

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  1. Very well said!!! May we all have courage to speak up, and do so.